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Clouds and rainbow from a recent road trip to New Mexico (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Staff Notes Monthly

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 42, #1, December 2007 - January 2008

A close look at one geoengineering scheme

Researchers find that plan to artificially cool Earth could damage ozone layer

As society grapples with how to address climate change, some scientists have turned their attention toward a bold, direct route for cooling Earth: geoengineering.

Geoengineering is a broad term for rearranging Earth’s environment on a large scale to suit human needs and enhance habitability. For climate, this includes futuristic-sounding schemes to launch mirrors into orbit to shield the planet from the Sun, as well as more down-to-Earth plans such as reforesting the globe on a massive scale to absorb carbon dioxide. Some scientists and policymakers believe that such plans could function as an insurance policy for society if efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption are not sufficient to slow climate change. More>

Geoengineering(Photo courtesy U.S. Geological Survey/Cascades Volcano Observatory.)

Library Week

Spring Fling '08
Staff converged at Center Green on May 2 for the annual Spring Fling celebration, which featured a return to the classic lip-sync competition of years past. More >

Library Week

Talks and treats for National Library Week
It’s never easy to eat your words—unless they literally taste good. The NCAR Library celebrated National Library Week in mid-April with book presentations, readings, and an edible book festival. More >

Sustainable UCAR

People, planet, and productivity: Sustainable UCAR
Every other month, Staff Notes Monthly spotlights a staff ­member selected from the phone directory with the help of a random number generator. This month we profile Keith Romberg, a software engineer and programmer in EOL. More >


Multimedia Services helps staff collaborate across time and space
Conferencing technologies provide alternatives to travel. More >


“The Stories Clouds Tell” gets a facelift
“However you choose to watch the sky, you’ll encounter fascinating stories being told by the clouds overhead,” writes Peggy LeMone (ESSL/MMM) in the newly updated version of “The Stories Clouds Tell,” her guide to cloud study originally published in 1993. More >

Warren Collection

Warren M. Washington Digital Collection
In one of the first efforts of its kind, the NCAR Library has launched the preliminary version of the Warren M. Washington Digital Collection, an online resource chronicling the career of Warren Washington (ESSL/CGD). More >

delphi Delphi questions
Reclassifications, hiring freeze. More >

mesa lab model

Peter Thornton (ESSL/CGD), left, and Craig Hartsough (ESSL/ACD) perform Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” during Spring Fling. Held on May 2, the annual all-staff party sponsored by the Employee Activities Committee featured lip syncs, food, music, and other fun.