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March 2008

Tim Killeen to head geosciences for NSF


tim killeen

Tim Killeen

Tim Killeen announced in late February that he is stepping down from his role as NCAR director. A job awaits him as NSF’s assistant director for geosciences at the foundation’s headquarters in the Washington, D.C., area. He’ll assume his new post on July 1, succeeding Jarvis Moyers and Margaret Leinen.

“This is an incredibly important time for science and technology in this country, and the geosciences have a pivotal role to play in solving societal problems into the future. U.S. science must step up and lead the way, and I am honored to have been asked to take up this particular banner now,” Tim says.

In his new role, Tim will lead NSF’s Geoscience Directorate. The directorate oversees the foundation’s research in the atmospheric, Earth, and ocean sciences, funding basic research on global environmental topics such as climate change, the water cycle, and natural disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and severe storms.

Tim has held leadership roles in the geosciences for many years. Prior to coming to NCAR in 2000, he was professor of atmospheric, oceanic, and space sciences at the University of Michigan and director of its Space Physics Research Laboratory. He is currently president of the American Geophysical Union.

During Tim’s tenure as NCAR director, the center created a new structure of labs and institutes, bolstered its roster of young scientists, and played a leadership role in the 2007 assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Tim worked to develop the Gulfstream V and other facilities, upgrade computational capabilities, enhance key modeling and scientific research efforts, and more.

“Tim has led NCAR for the past eight years with energy and vision, attracting new scientific talent and forging forward-looking strategic plans,” says UCAR president Rick Anthes. “While we are sorry to be losing him, we will all benefit from his leadership at NSF. In his new capacity, he will be able to provide valuable leadership to the broad Earth sciences community at a time when climate and weather issues have assumed unprecedented importance and visibility.”

Tim will remain a UCAR employee during his initial two-year appointment with NSF. He will follow NSF’s conflict-of-interest and ethics rules which, among other things, require him to recuse himself from any funding decisions involving UCAR and NCAR programs and activities.

He will also remain a familiar face in the Boulder area, as he’ll be commuting back and forth.

NCAR plans an open, international search for a new director organized by Kathy Strand (President’s Office) and Bob Roesch (HR).

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