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December - January 2008

New director for UCAR Child Care Center

cortney fillion

Cortney Fillion, who’s been part of the UCAR Child Care Center since it opened in 2004, became director in December.

“I feel very connected and dedicated to the school,” Cortney says. “I am so excited to have the opportunity to work more closely with the families and staff members.”

Cortney replaces Mia Strugar-Fritsch, who has accepted a position as ­regional director for CCLC, the center’s California-based operator. (Its official name, with unconventional punctuation, is Childrens’ Creative Learning Centers.)

CCLC has seven child care centers in Mia’s region: two in Colorado (including UCAR), one in Utah, and four in Oregon. Mia, who’s staying in Boulder, will maintain a strong connection with the UCAR center.

“While I’ll still be working closely with the center, I won’t be here as much, which is going to take some getting used to—I think I’ll have separation anxiety for a while,” she says. “We really have created a great school.”

The center currently has 75 children enrolled.

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