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Clouds and rainbow from a recent road trip to New Mexico (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Staff Notes Monthly

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 40, #10, November 2005

Ice in clouds

Front Range field campaign begins next month

Much of Earth’s precipitation begins its journey from the atmosphere to the ground in the form of ice. The process by which ice crystals (which become rain, snow, and hail) initially form in clouds is a complicated one that scientists have been studying for more than 50 years without coming to consensus.   More >

wave cloud

alex guenther

Surprise finding in the desert
Like humans, plants are vulnerable to the Sun’s damaging rays. Unlike people, however, they are able to produce their own sunscreen. More >

ilan kelman

Tackling disasters in an energy-restricted Boulder
Any sort of disaster—a storm, flood, terrorist attack—is difficult enough to handle as it is. But something that few people may have considered is how a disaster could affect their community in a future world where fossil fuels aren’t as readily available as today. More >


Jeffco bears fruit
A peach tree planted at Jeffco (now called Rocky Mountain Municipal Airport) more than 30 years ago by NCAR retiree Dave McFarland is laden with fruit this fall, providing a tasty treat for EOL/RAF staff.  More >

CoMP Short Takes
Chemical weather forecasting. Alfvén waves observed. Hazardous plumes. WACCM reaches higher. Nitrogen and climate. More >
girl scouts Getting their paws wet
Girl Scouts discover the insulating value of blubber for Arctic animals by donning simulated “polar bear paws” during the sixth Climate and Weather: The Two Go Together event at the Mesa Lab.  More >
delphi Delphi Question
Employee discounts, contractors, shipping procedures, hiring confidentiality, CG fitness center  More >
chris golubieski Random profile: Chris Golubieski
An electromechanical technician, Chris works in EOL’s Integrated Surface Flux Facility (ISFF), where researchers focus on exchanges between the atmosphere and Earth’s surface.  More >


On the east side of the Mesa Lab sits the Warm Warning Environmental Sculpture, by Melanie Walker and George Peters. The sculpture was part of EcoArts, a fall festival that brought together scientists, artists, performers, and the public to raise awareness about climate change. It will be on display until December 21.