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September 2007

Art + Science: EcoArts returns to Boulder area

EcoArts, a festival that brings scientists, artists, performers, and the public together to raise awareness about climate change, returns to the Boulder area September 14–October 6 with a diverse line-up of events.

Local scientific and cultural organizations, including UCAR/NCAR, will present performances, exhibits, talks, feasts, parades, tours of everything from culinary gardens to wind farms, and much more.

EO is involved in a number of EcoArts activities, including The Wonder of Science Saturday on September 29. This event, held at Twenty Ninth Street, brings together seven local science labs to offer all-ages, hands-on activities that relate to climate change and sustainability. EO is converting the Weather Trail behind the Mesa Lab into a Climate Trail during EcoArts, with the addition of 15 climate and climate change informational banners. Linda Carbone and Heidi Lewis are also creating exhibits on climate research tools and resources for display at the Boulder Public Library during September.

Artist-educator-activist Subhankar Banerjee will share and discuss his photography at the Mesa Lab on September 15, with a focus on Arctic images and human rights. Banerjee uses his photography to raise awareness about issues that threaten the health and well-being of our planet.

On September 26, scientists Peggy LeMone (NCAR/MMM), Andrew Martin (CU), and Tad Pfeiffer (INSTAAR) will join visual artists Melanie Walker, George Peters, Rebecca DiDomenico, and Jane McMahan for a public discussion as part of Arts Meets Science: Colorado-Based Collaborations.

And on September 24, Kevin Trenberth (ESSL/CGD) will discuss climate change, with a focus on resiliency, coping strategies, and what individuals can do along with institutions and international governments in a framework of cooperation.

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