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September 2007

UCAR ranks high in Colorado's Best Companies contest

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Terry Woods with UCAR's sixth place award for the best large companies to work for in Colorado.

by Terry Woods
Senior Human Resources Manager

The results are in—UCAR is a great place to work. For the second year in a row, UCAR has been recognized as one of the "Best Companies to Work for in Colorado." We ranked sixth in the large company category (250 or more employees) and were the only nonprofit organization in the state to be honored.

According to the Best Companies group, the award is designed to honor companies in Colorado that show dedication to their employees' growth and quality of life, distinguish businesses in the state that attract and retain employees, promote the state's best employment opportunities, and develop resources to help existing companies retain their workforces.

To arrive at Colorado's top 10 large and top 20 small companies, the Best Companies group, in coordination with ModernThink, evaluated employee perceptions and company offerings using a formula similar to Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work for in America." An employer questionnaire that assessed each company's salaries and benefits, workforce retention, employee activity programs, community contributions, and the like was weighted at 25%. The other 75% of the total score came from a confidential employee questionnaire sent to 350 randomly selected UCAR employees representing all job groups. That questionnaire measured employee satisfaction in three categories: individual, work group, and organization.

UCAR was provided with summary data from the survey, contrasting our results with those of other winners. The results highlight areas where our employees believe UCAR excels (see below). UCAR senior management is currently evaluating the data to see how to best address those areas that indicate an opportunity to do even better. These include work group issues of addressing low performance and equipping groups to better adapt to changing circumstances. Organization-wide issues include doing a better job of cooperating across departments. Ultimately, senior leadership is interested in finding the best methods to communicate with staff.

UCAR takes pride in being among the "Best Companies to Work for in Colorado." We thank employees who completed the surveys the last two years.

The employee questionnaire consisted of 65 statements that employees responded to on a five-point Likert scale, with the results reflecting a percent of positive responses. Best Companies 2007 survey data show that UCAR is among the highest-ranking large companies in the following areas:

  • "The organization's work is important and makes a difference." (97%)

  • "I am proud to be part of [UCAR] and would recommend working here to family and friends." (90%)

  • "The organization's culture is special—something you don't find just
    anywhere." (88%)

  • "This is a great organization where people want to work." (89%)

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UCAR ranks high in Colorado's Best Companies contest

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