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August 2007

Storm World author comes to Center Green


Chris Mooney. (Photo by Bob Henson.)

Science journalist and commentator Chris Mooney gave a public talk about his new book, Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle over Global Warming, before an audience of about 100 in the Center Green auditorium on July 24.

Mooney discussed the ongoing debate over whether global warming is contributing to more frequent and more intense hurricanes, describing how the media, politicians, scientists, and the weather itself shape this debate. “It isn’t black or white—there are good arguments on both sides,” Mooney said about the debate, casting it as the most recent example of a conflict between observational and theoretical meteorologists that extends back more than a century.

He concluded by recommending that scientists incorporate media training into their realms of expertise. “It’s not built into the scientific training process to learn how the media works,” he cautioned.

bill grey

Bill Gray, hurricane researcher and emeritus professor at Colorado State University, joins the lively discussion sparked by science journalist Chris Mooney. Mooney gave a presentation on hurricanes, politics, and global warming at Center Green in July. For more, see page 6. (Photo by Bob Henson.)

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