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August 2007

Another successful year for leadership programs

As part of the organization’s mission to develop current and future leaders, UCAR/NCAR/UOP graduated a combined 36 staffers this summer from Leadership Academy and the Executive Leadership Program.

Leadership Academy, now in its fifth year, is an intensive course for supervisors and staff who may soon find themselves in supervisory positions. Participants in the Academy are nominated by division directors.


2007 Leadership Academy graduates. Back row, from left to right: Kerry Slaven (SaSS), Jeff Fiedler (Office of Government Affairs), Amy Bauer (CISL), Art Richmond (ESSL/HAO), Susan Gallagher (EO), Terry Mitchell (Unidata), Steve Cohn (EOL), Geoff Cheeseman (EOL), Bill Boyd (ESSL/MMM), Louisa Nance (RAL), and Pam Gillman (CISL). Front row: Jack Fox (EOL), Jim Vandyke (CISL), Steve Tomczyk (ESSL/HAO), Amy Smith (F&A), Valerie Koch (Director’s Office), Reta Lorenz (ESSL/ACD), Zhenya Gallon (Communications), Paty Romero-Lankao (ISSE), Fabrizio Sassi (ESSL/CGD), Lynne Davis (DLESE), Laurie Carr (HR), Rebecca Haacker-Santos (EO/SOARS), and Ellen Martinez (VSP).

Designed to produce successful managers, the academy includes workshops, seminars, small-group projects, and private coaching run by both HR staff and outside consultants. It covers a variety of topics, such as managing projects and teams, resolving conflicts, writing proposals, developing employees’ skills, evaluating performance, and understanding business operations.

“It takes a lot of time and energy, but it was such a valuable experience and it really was worth the effort,” says Reta Lorenz, division administrator in ESSL/ACD. “It was an opportunity to focus on developing and sharpening skills with an emphasis on communication and people.”

The Executive Leadership Program was launched in 2006 at the request of UCAR management to help meet the growing expectations of executives in the areas of strategic alignment, employee and team development, and scientific leadership. Featuring a 12-day commitment divided into four-day blocks spread over nine months, the program is tailored to meet the needs of managers on the levels of lab, division, program, and associate director.

executive leadership

2007 Executive Leadership Program graduates, from left to right: Catherine Shea (Director’s Office), Bill Kuo (COSMIC), Mohan Ramamurthy (Unidata), Dan Wilson (F&A), Mary Marlino (NCAR Library), Shawn Winkelman (F&A), Lucy Warner (Communications), Doug Nychka (CISL/IMAGe), Melissa Miller (F&A), Roy Rasmussen (RAL), and Roger Wakimoto (EOL). Not pictured: Denise Stephenson Hawk (SERE).

“For me the best part of ELP is seeing the groups come together as a team,” says HR’s Michelle Schmauss, the program’s manager. “They gain so many useful skills and learn to relate to each other in new ways. Both the 2006 and 2007 groups have formed strong bonds that will carry forward.”

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