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June-July 2007

SOARS protégés in the thick of another summer


RAL’s Dave Gochis (left) and SOARS protégé Armand Silva trade the office for the field. Armand’s summer research project is on the effects of land cover characteristics on urban hydrological systems within the context of the Front Range.

A group of college and graduate students is forgoing more relaxing pursuits this summer for a chance to do original research in the atmospheric and Earth sciences, on topics ranging from hurricane impacts to aerosol pollutants.

Now in its 12th year, SOARS (Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science) is an undergraduate-to-graduate bridge program designed to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups pursuing graduate degrees and, ultimately, careers in the atmospheric and related sciences. Protégés are paired with science, writing, and community mentors who guide them through 10-week research projects.

SOARS has 20 protégés this summer, half of them new to the program. Also part of the cohort are six ­protégés enrolled in UNAVCO’s Research Experience in Solid Earth Science for Students (RESESS) program, which partners with SOARS to provide similar opportunities for students in the solid Earth sciences.

In addition to completing research projects, protégés take part in leadership training, computer and writing workshops, and a variety of professional development seminars. The program culminates with a colloquium held August 6–7 and a poster session on August 9, both open to all staff.


SOARS and RESESS protégés. Kneeling (left to right): Ian Colon Pagan, Karen Diaz, Luna Rodriguez, Alex Gonzalez, Alisha Fernandez, Ezer Patlan. Front row: Katherine Fornash, Anastasia Yanchilina, Theresa Aguilar, Shanna-Shaye Forbes, Nicole Ngo, Cecille Villanueva, Lumari Pardo, Cynthia Hyland, ZiZi Searles. Back row: Douglas Gavin, Marcus Walter, Armand Silva, Lennox Thompson, Michael Hernandez, Christopher Williams, Mack Jones, Emanuelle Feliciano Bonilla, Marcus Waldman. Not pictured: Kimberly Trent and Miriam Garcia.


2007 SOARS protégés

Theresa Aguilar, EOL/RAL
Ian Colon, ISSE
Karen Diaz, NOAA/ESRL
Alisha Fernandez, NOAA Marine Biotoxin Group
Shanna-Shaye Forbes, Unidata
Douglas Gavin, COMET
Alex Gonzalez, ESSL/CGD
Michael Hernandez, COSMIC
McArthur Jones, Jr., CIRES/NOAA
Nicole Ngo, CU-Boulder Department of Economics
Lumari Pardo, CU/INSTAAR
Luna Rodriguez, RAL
ZiZi Searles, TIIMES/CGD
Armand Silva, RAL
Kimberly Trent, ESSL/MMM
Cecille Villanueva, COSMIC
Marcus Waldman, CISL
Marcus Walter, ISSE/RAL
Christopher Williams, ESSL/ACD
Anastasia Yanchilina, ESSL/ACD

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SOARS protégés in the thick of another summer

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