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June-July 2007

Bill Randel to lead ESSL/ACD

bill randel

Bill Randel.

The new director of ACD already knows the division very well. A 22-year NCAR veteran, Bill Randel took over in April. He replaces acting director Brian Ridley.

A senior scientist, Bill came to NCAR as a postdoctoral fellow in 1985. His research interests include dynamic variability and transport in the stratosphere (the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere between about 6–31 miles/10–50 kilometers), and the use of satellite observations to study trace constituents in the atmosphere. Some of his recent work has focused on the behavior of the tropopause (the boundary region where the troposphere and stratosphere meet) and mechanisms of stratosphere-troposphere coupling. He heads ACD’s Satellite Data Analysis Group and helps lead the UTLS (Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere) initiative.

Bill looks forward to getting his hands around his new role in ACD. “I want the division to continue as a leader both within NCAR and the wider research community,” he says. In addition to leading the division, he aspires to stay active in his own research.

Some of ACD’s future research priorities include chemical weather (forecasting short-term variability of chemical quantities in the atmosphere), the relationship between climate and atmospheric chemistry, air quality, and satellite remote sensing.

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