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April 2007

Remembering Barry White and Mark Uris

barry white

Barry White.

NCAR retiree Barry White passed away on March 4 following a long illness. Barry literally helped build NCAR: his first job with the organization was working on the construction of the Mesa Lab in 1965. Until his retirement in 1999, he was a fixture at ML, clad in his painter’s whites. He often scaled the lab’s exterior walls to repair windows and carry out other work high on the building. He won the Outstanding Accomplishment Award in Administrative Achievement in 1983 for his upkeep of the lab’s walls.

“We figure that in his 34 years, Barry probably painted every interior wall in this place at least six times,” says John Pereira, director of Physical Plant Services. “He was the walking memory of how often things needed to be painted.”

Barry’s son, Keith, also works at NCAR as a painter in maintenance. He worked with his father for about ten years before Barry’s retirement and recalls that Barry’s favorite thing about his job was the people. “My dad never stopped talking about his co-workers,” Keith says. “He knew pretty much everybody.”

Barry was born in Fort Collins and lived his whole life on the Front Range. His family tree includes old-time pioneer families of the Boulder Valley; his uncle was a farmer in Louisville who owned the top of Davidson Mesa.

Barry is survived by three children, Keith, Sheryl, and Barry, Jr., and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His wife, Elaine, passed away in 2002.

mark uris

Mark Uris.

Mark Uris (CISL) passed away on March 29 due to complications resulting from surgery for the treatment of cancer. “His love of NCAR and sense of humor will be missed,” says Aaron Andersen, head of CISL’s Enterprise Services Section.

Mark joined NCAR in 1988 as a team lead and software engineer in the former Scientific Computing Division. He led many projects within SCD and CISL over the years. Initially, he was a developer on the Text And Graphics System (TAGS) for film, fiche, and paper output from the supercomputing systems. He loved working on new technologies, including the Thinking Machines CM2 and CM5, early versions of the IBM SP1 and RS/6000 clusters that were very exotic computing systems for their time.

More recently, as head of the Distributed Systems Group, Mark oversaw the UCAR security team and key enterprise services such as e-mail, Web, data sharing/distribution, and backup/system-restore services. He published numerous articles on advanced computing systems practices.

Mark was an expert skier, avid golfer, and loyal fan of the Broncos and Buffs. He also loved history and was an enthusiastic reader of political and military nonfiction.

Mark is survived by Pat, his wife of 31 years, and their two daughters, Shannon and Brittany, as well as numerous siblings. A celebration of his life was held at the Mesa Lab on Saturday, April 14, followed by a reception at the family’s house in Arvada.

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