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April 2007

Friends of UCAR enhances science education, outreach

WOR trail

Donations to Friends of UCAR made the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail possible.

If you’ve ever strolled down the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail behind the Mesa Lab, you’ve probably learned a few things about the climate, weather, geology, and ecology of the mesa. What you may not have realized, however, is that donations to Friends of UCAR made this trail possible.

Friends of UCAR, a fund for science education, has been helping enhance interest in and understanding of the atmospheric and related sciences for thousands of students, teachers, families, and members of the public since 1996.

Administered through the President’s Office, the program benefits all of UCAR through educational outreach, Web sites, exhibits, events support, and more. Its focus is on seeding new ideas and single acquisitions, such as the weather trail. It has enabled EO to translate the Visitor Center audio tour into Spanish and to produce a teachers guide for the Climate Discovery exhibit.

“The Friends fund is a wonderful way for our staff to really make a difference in heightening public awareness in the local community of our research and education mission,” says UCAR president Rick Anthes.

Rick backed up his verbal support with an offer to the UCAR Management Committee last fall to match employee contributions, up to a maximum of $10,000, from the UCAR General Fund. Employees responded and the maximum matching level was reached by the end of the year.

Along with support from the Colorado Department of Education, Coors Brewing Company, and NCAR, last year Friends invested $6,000 in a new idea for outreach in the metro Denver region: the first NCAR Bilingual Science Teachers Annual Resources Symposium (BSTARS), held at the Mesa Lab in November. The success of this program helped EO obtain additional funding from the National Science Foundation to expand BSTARS in the coming year. Friends of UCAR welcomes donations to support its 2007 programs, including

  • the addition of an outdoor events tent for activities on Super Science Saturday, which at 4,700 participants last year is outgrowing the Mesa Lab;

  • the Boulder Valley School District’s Multicultural Student Leadership Forum at NCAR, held in November at Center Green;

  • new hands-on science education and demonstration equipment and materials to meet the growing demand for NCAR’s presence at events such as the Wonders of Science at Twenty Ninth Street and the Taste of Colorado in Denver; and

  • plans for a long-awaited I.M. Pei exhibit at the Mesa Lab.

Contributions to Friends of UCAR are tax exempt under UCAR’s nonprofit IRS designation. More information and instructions on how to donate.

Friends of UCAR 2007 Donors

Wendy Abshire Mary Marlino
Caspar Ammann Margaret McClellan
Richard Anthes Colleen Nunn
Meg Austin Doug Nychka
Ginger Caldwell Mohan Ramamurthy
Rit and Linda Carbone Jeff Reaves
William Cooper Russell Rew
Coors Brewing Company Teresa Rivas
Sheila Marie Davis Robert Roesch
Thomas Engel Karyn Sawyer
Jack Fellows Cynthia Schmidt
Susan and Benjamin Foster Kathryn Schmoll
Maura Hagan Susie Siders
Sandra Henderson Timothy Spangler
Robert Henson Roseann Suer
Kaye Howe Joseph VanAndel
Roberta Johnson and Tim Killeen Warren Washington
Victoria Johnson Shawn Winkelman
William Mahoney Terry Woods

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Friends of UCAR enhances science education, outreach

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