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Ice crystals on thistle shot early one morning at Saw Hill Ponds. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Staff Notes Monthly

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 40, #10, November 2005

The news that so many were waiting for arrived in January, when NCAR announced that its supercomputers will have a brand new home in Cheyenne in 2010.   More >

Data Center news conference


Climate Change and Islands: Are Scientists Serving Society?
One of the biggest dangers of global warming is sea level rise. As glaciers and ice sheets melt, they add to the amount of water in the ocean. More >



Snow closures: A look behind the scenes
Staffers got a special holiday treat in December that wasn’t candy, neckties, or potpourri baskets. Rather, it was the gift of time, in the form of two and a half snow days.  More >

justin watt

Random Profile: Justin Watt
Justin has been working for Event Services in the Mesa Lab cafeteria since April 2006.  More >

art Images by NCAR scientists on display
Solar plumes, nematode worms, ­kidney stones, nano-crystals, pulmonary arteries, chicken organs: images that scientists produce of the things they study may be visually striking and demonstrate creativity, but they are not a form of art. Or are they?  More >
Delphi Question
Delphi Question
Cafeterias trans-fat–free?  More >

prairie dogs

UCAR photographer Carlye Calvin shot this photo of Punxsutawney Phil’s distant cousins—prairie dogs—casting shadows near Foothills Lab. This year the City of Boulder declared February 2, traditionally known as Groundhog Day, as “Prairie Dog Day,” pledging to honor the importance of this furry, burrowing rodent to the Western prairie ecosystem. The groundhog’s closest relative in Colorado is actually the yellow-bellied marmot, but the marmot is in hibernation in February.