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December 2006 - January 2007

Let it snow, let it snow....


UCAR photographer Carlye Calvin shot this photo of a tree in her yard in Nederland on December 31. The holidays were a giddy time for weather aficionados, as two major storms dropped several feet of snow on the Front Range about a week apart. On December 20-21, a whopping 26.0 inches of snow were recorded at Boulder’s climate station, located by NOAA’s ­offices on Broadway. Several days later, on December 24, a light dusting of 1.9 inches was recorded. And then, on December 28-29, another 14.9 inches fell from the sky, bringing the 10-day total to an impressive 42.8 inches. With a monthly total of 45.5 inches, December 2006 officially qualifies as Boulder’s fifth ­snowiest ­calendar month on record since 1893.

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2006 Outstanding Accomplishment Awards

Cosmic update: Scientists enthusiastic about preliminary results

Short Takes

Let it snow, let it snow....

New book explores how to communicate climate change

Delphi Question: Massage therapy, energy consumption, FL1 lawn

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