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November 2006

Random Profile: Chrystina Tasset

Every other month, Staff Notes Monthly spotlights a stochastically chosen staff member. This month we profile Chrystina Tasset, an administrative assistant in the Joint Office for Science Support.


Chrystina Tasset

A relative newbie to UCAR, Chrystina has been working as an administrative assistant in JOSS for about nine months. “I do a little bit of everything,” she says. “I’m the go-to person when there’s an overflow of things to do.”

Chrystina oversees the front desk, arranges travel, supports off-site employees, designs publications, and carries out a variety of administrative tasks necessary to run a busy office.

One of her current projects is learning Dreamweaver so that she can contribute to redesigning JOSS’s Web site. The new site is scheduled for launch early next year. “It’s fun,” she says. “I have a background in graphic design, so it makes it easier to learn.”

Her favorite part of her job is the diversity of duties it offers. “There are so many different things to do, and there are always new things that I’m learning,” she says. “And the people here are awesome to work with,” she adds.

Before UCAR, Chrystina worked at a copy center in Lafayette doing graphic design work, and held other administrative positions.

Chrystina grew up down the road in Westminster. The fourth of six children, she’s now an aunt to five nieces. Most of her family lives on the Front Range. Last May, she and her husband, Clint, got married in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They are currently settling into a house they recently bought in Thornton.

In her free time, Chrystina is an avid scrapbooker who creates a book to record each year. “I take all my own pictures and I love it,” she says. She also likes to golf, hike, mountain bike, and hit the climbing gym. “Typical Boulder stuff, besides the golfing,” she says.

She and Clint plan to ski this winter, something Chrystina hasn’t done in a while. “I used to ski a lot as a kid, but I just don’t like going fast downhill with two sticks on my feet,” she jokes.

In the future, Chrystina would like to go back to school at some point to advance her skills in business administration. She’d also like to travel to Europe.

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