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November 2006

Super Science Saturday

Despite six inches of early season snow on the roads, 4,700 children, teachers, and parents attended Super Science Saturday at the Mesa Lab on October 21. “The building’s seams were busting, but the energy was wonderful,” says EO’s Linda Carbone. Interest was so great that NCAR’s science “wizards” performed an extra show and the Science Store stayed open late.

super science saturday

An annual event, Super Science Saturday combines science education with Halloween fun. The theme this year was “A New Light on Science,” with demonstrations of the principles of infrared and ultraviolet light, gamma rays, X-rays, and more.

super science saturday

In this issue...

NCAR scientists predict a warmer, wetter Earth

The end of the world as we know it?

“A New Light on Science”

Keeping science in the news

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Random Profile: Chrystina Tasset

Delphi Question: Webhire formatting issues

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