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October 2006

Andrew Crook memorial bench unveiled on weather trail


A sandstone bench and engraved stone in memory of Andrew Crook now grace the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail behind the Mesa Lab, giving friends, family, and co-workers a special place to remember the late NCAR scientist and dedicated athlete.

"Andrew is everywhere here," says Carol Park (RAL), Andrew's longtime partner. "NCAR was his home for years as a scientist, he ran the Mesa Trail often, and we hiked these trails. This spot is natural for Andrew."


The memorial was unveiled during a small ceremony on September 23. Carol and Dave Albo, also in RAL, began looking for a place to memorialize Andrew about six months ago. "Dave and I considered various options for places for not just us, but everyone: the running and NCAR communities, colleagues, and friends. Our goal was to find just the right place for everyone," Carol says.

After studying procedures for placing a bench on Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks and deciding it would take too long, the two turned their attention to NCAR property. Katy Schmoll (UCAR vice president for finance and administration) presented the idea to the President's Council, which approved it unanimously.

"From that moment on, everything just fell into place," Carol says. "Everyone was very helpful."

With help from the Andrew Crook Memorial Fund (see below), Carol and Dave commissioned a bench and engraved stone from Tribble Stone Company just north of Boulder. John Pereira and Rich Johnson in Physical Plant Services transported the bench and stone to the Mesa Lab, where they moved rocks to clear a spot on the weather trail. They cemented the bench into place and placed the stone.

The memorial sits in a spectacular location between two Douglas firs with the Flatirons rising in the background. The engraving reads: "N. Andrew Crook: 1958–2006: Beloved son, brother, uncle, friend. Respected scientist and runner. A gentle man at peace."

"Carving words into stone that would likely outlive us all was intimidating, to say the least," Carol says.

"I find the simplicity of this place perfect for remembering Andrew," she adds. "I hope others do as well."

Funds allocated specifically for the memorial were donated by the community through a fund set up by Carol and Dave. Money that remains will be added to the Andrew Crook Memorial Fund, which will be managed by UCAR to support education-related activities for early career scientists in the atmospheric sciences. If sufficient funds are received, an endowed scholarship will be established in Andrew's name. Those who wish to contribute are encouraged to do so by making checks payable to UCAR with "Andrew Crook Memorial Fund" indicated on the comment line. Please give checks to Diane Simmons (FL2, Room 2100) or mail to UCAR, c/o Ginger Emery, P.O. Box 3000, 80307-3000. For more information, contact Tom Warner at ext. 8411.

• by Nicole Gordon

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