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September 2006

Commuter of the Year: Jaime Shuey

Jaime Shuey
Jamie Shuey. (Photo by Carlye Calvin, UCAR)

When Jaime Shuey (Transportation Services) decided to cut back on driving seven years ago, she went the extra mile. She took the battery out of her car just to make sure she wouldn't be tempted to get behind the wheel one day when she was running late.

Since then, she's logged thousands of miles on buses and her bicycle. She sold her car three years ago because she never drove, and she was tired of watching it sit on the driveway. And, this year, the City of Boulder recognized her efforts by naming her the All Around Commuter of the Year.

"It was a really nice surprise," Jaime says. "Maybe this will inspire more people to get out of their cars."

Jaime isn't the first staffer to be recognized for using alternative transportation. UCAR president Rick Anthes, COMET's Karl Hanzel, and SCD's Jim Van Dyke have all been named as past commuters of the year.

Jaime loves being outside instead of cooped up in a car. "I feel pretty good by the time I get to work because I've gotten a little bit of exercise," she says. "And it's always so beautiful."

She rides her bike every day except when the roads are icy and cars could skid into the bike lane. The only time she misses having a car are those evenings when it would be nice to run to the store and pick something up.

She even takes public transportation when she travels. Two years ago, she rode buses during a six-week trip to Bolivia and Peru. "Sometimes I was the only non-native on a bus, and that was interesting," she says. "I felt like I was experiencing how the natives live."

by David Hosansky

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