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Bret Harper

Having a ball! Arnaud Dumont (RAL) and Sandra Henderson (EO) decked out for the 2006 Up-the-Hill Races. more >

(Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Staff Notes Monthly

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 40, #10, November 2005

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Long a dream of scientists and technicians at NCAR, the driftsonde has become reality through years of planning and testing, plus a little help from ever-more-miniaturized technology.    More >



Rick Anthes

Competition News: Interview with Rick Anthes
This interview is the first in an ongoing series in Staff Notes Monthly to keep staff apprised of news of the competition process as it unfolds.  More >


Jaime Shuey

Commuter of the Year: Jaime Shuey
When Jaime decided to cut back on driving seven years ago, she went the extra mile. She took the battery out of her car just to make sure she wouldn't be tempted to get behind the wheel one day when she was running late.  More >

Up-the-Hill Race

2006 Up-the-Hill Races
In honor of the party theme "Have a Ball," staffers converged at the Mesa Lab on Friday, August 25, for the annual Up-the-Hill Races.  More >

Mesa Lab

UCAR named one of the best companies to work for in Colorado
In 2005, the organization was named Colorado’s best nonprofit employer for working parents. Last month, it placed among the top ten companies in the state to work for, period.   More >

Kyle Holden

Random Profile: Kyle Holden
This month we profile Kyle Holden, a radar technician in the Earth Observing Laboratory.  More >

Delphi Question

Delphi Questions
Flag display at CG, EAC sponsorship  More >



Staffers working in the Fleischmann Building had feathered visitors this summer when a hummingbird built her nest in a tree outside the lobby. Rick Anthes, UCAR president, snapped this photo of the mother and one of her chicks in early August. The family has since headed south for the winter.