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Bret Harper

SOARS protégé Bret Harper pays a visit to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s wind test facility just south of Boulder. Bret’s summer research project connects interannual climate variability to wind energy production on the northern Great Plains. more >

(Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Staff Notes Monthly

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 40, #10, November 2005

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People attending picnics, weddings, and ball games in the 2010s could get better advance notice of showers and thunderstorms than they do now, thanks to an observing strategy being tested by EOL and RAL.    More >


Senior Scientists

NCAR names five new senior scientists
The UCAR Board of Trustees appointed five new senior scientists in July.   More >


Marc Genty

New Delphi coordinator takes over
Marc Genty was voted Delphi coordinator in an institution-wide election held in June.   More >


SOARS and RESESS protégés busy with research
As summer comes to a close, SOARS and RESESS protégés and their mentors are hard at work wrapping up research projects.   More >


Less load for the landfill: FREEcycle stores; ACD's "green" move
New office supply "store" specializes in pre-owned items that are conveniently free of charge.   More >

Short Takes

Short Takes
Hurricanes and climate change; Ocean acidification; Stratospheric temperatures; Forecasting floods; Joining the TereGrid   More >

Delphi Question

Delphi Question
Public events in the FL0 courtyard  More >



On June 20, winners of NCAR awards at the Boulder Valley School District Regional Science Fair took a tour of NCAR and met with director Tim Killeen. Jasmine Brodenburg, a middle school student at Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, won the junior division award from NCAR for her project on the best lights to use for visibility in fog. Siblings Gwyneth and Robert Glissman, also students at Peak to Peak, won the senior division award from NCAR. The purpose of their project was to develop an object-oriented program that modeled how changing initial conditions affects the formation of severe weather. From left to right: Jasmine, Gwyneth, Robert, Tim.