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July-August 2006

New Delphi coordinator takes over

Marc Genty
Marc Genty. (Photo by Carlye Calvin, ©UCAR.)

Nancy Wade and Teresa Rivas stepped down from their positions as Delphi Service co-coordinators in July, having completed the full four-year tenure. "Serving as Delphi co-coordinator has been a very gratifying experience," Nancy says. "I value the time I've spent helping employees get answers to their questions. The Delphi concept is a unique one that serves a real need for our staff."

They leave the oracle in the hands of Marc Genty, who was voted Delphi coordinator in an institution-wide election held in June. Marc will serve for the next four years.

Marc has been a software engineer in SCD for about five years. He was inspired to run for Delphi coordinator because UCAR is the only place he's worked that offers this type of service. "I ran for the coordinator position because I really believe in this sort of thing," he says. "And it seems like a great opportunity to get to know UCAR better."
As one of his first moves in office, Marc has set up an e-mail alias (delphi at ucar.edu) for contacting the Delphi service. Snail mail and telephone are still valid methods.

The Delphi Service, named after the site of the famous oracle in ancient Greece, began in 1974 as a way for staffers to raise questions about institutional policies. Any employee can write to Delphi on a confidential basis about a UCAR, NCAR, or UOP policy and be assured that the appropriate person in management will answer the question. All questions are submitted to management without names or identifying information. The questions and the questioners' identities are kept in a locked file, and once a question is satisfactorily resolved, the name of the questioner is destroyed.

Over the years, hundreds of Delphi questions have been submitted, providing a unique perspective on the organization. Topics have ranged from recycling and snow removal to drug testing, radiation from desktop monitors, and the use of water during times of drought. Questions and answers are printed in Staff Notes Monthly each month and archived on the Delphi Service Web site.

by Nicole Gordon

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