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June 2006

Climate change meets the arts

EcoArts highlights:

• "NorthSouthEastWest: 360 Degrees of Climate Change," a powerful exhibit of climate change photos by 10 of the world's top photographers, will be on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. Entrance is free.

• The Kronos Quartet, along with choral group Ars Nova, will perform "Sun Rings." Originally commissioned by NASA, "Sun Rings" is based on sounds recorded by Voyager expeditions to the outer solar system. The performance will be preceded by a talk about climate change by NOAA's Sandy MacDonald.

• As part of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's production of The Tempest, director Patrick Kelly and scientist Joe Golden of CIRES/NOAA will discuss the science behind the famous storm.

• Modern dancers and MacArthur fellows Eiko and Koma will perform "River" at dusk in the South Platte River in Denver as well as at an outdoor venue in Boulder.

Local scientific and cultural organizations, including NCAR, will harness the power of the arts next month during a festival designed to build awareness about climate change and sustainability.

EcoArts, set for July 6-16, brings together scientists, artists, performers, and the public. The line-up of events includes concerts, dance performances, Shakespearean plays, photo exhibits, tours of a coal plant and recycling facility, a conference on renewable energy, and more (see sidebar).

CCB's Mickey Glantz will participate on a panel called "The Climate and Hollywood: Global climate change in science and film" at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art at 7:30 p.m. on July 7. The museum will present clips from films such as The Perfect Storm and The Wizard of Oz, followed by a discussion of their artistic and scientific qualities. Film critic Howie Movshovitz from Colorado Public Radio and astrobiologist David Grinspoon from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are also on the panel.

In addition, Mickey will present "Creeping Environmental Problems– What Can We Do?" at the Mesa Lab Tree Plaza at 7:00 p.m. on July 12. His talk will be followed by a panel discussion with Eric Lombardi, executive director of Eco-Cycle, and Tom Plant, Colorado state legislator and director of the Center for ReSource Conservation.

Also as part of EcoArts, EO is planning free, specially guided tours of the Mesa Lab's Climate Discovery exhibit all day on July 15. "Hopefully, we will have scientists stationed at the three components to explain and answer questions about climate change and NCAR research," says EO's Linda Carbone.

by Nicole Gordon

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