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May 2006

Spring Fling Celebrates the Hippie Dippie '60s!

The annual Spring Fling, whose theme this year was "Hippie Dippie '60s," drew hundreds of partygoers to Center Green last Friday, including many too young to actually recall the '60s.

No matter. The EAC Spring Fling committee of Michelle Harrison, Patti Kidd, and Jamie Shuey organized a fun time for all ages that included lip syncs, trivia, polyester-clad hosts, a buffet, and a live band.

Staffers from CGD, EO, and RAL competed in the lip sync contest. (See the videos.) In true Boulder spirit, everyone was a winner. CGD looked to the pre-'60s era by performing to "A Boy Named Sue" by the "rough and rugged, definitely not dippie" Johnny Cash. Their lead singers, Jeff Yin (Sue) and Craig Hartsough (Pa) looked so "mighty fine" in dresses that they took home the Connie Francis Award. video

Next up was RAL, which performed to "The Climate is A'Changin'," a clever rendition of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A'Changin'." With Tor Mohling standing in as the great American poet, staffers danced around the Larsen Ice Shelf, waddled in penguin costumes, checked a giant thermometer, and encouraged the audience to bike more. Their performance won them the Eric Clapton Award for best songwriting skills. video

EO wrapped up the contest with a lively dance performance of "Snoopy Versus the Red Baron," by the Royal Guardsmen. Lip sync veteran Tim Barnes played Snoopy in this twist of the classic story of Snoopy (outfitted as HIAPER, with funding from the NSF Great Pumpkin) versus the ominous thunderstorm Baron von Richthofen. The team won the Chubby Checker Award for best choreography. video

Between acts, EAC's Jennifer Griffin (SCD) and Bob Tan (Director's Office) entertained the crowd with '60s trivia. (How much did an advance ticket for Woodstock cost? $18. What year did Johnny Carson start hosting the Tonight Show? 1962.)

Events Services cooked up a spread of mac 'n cheese, stew, coleslaw, wings, zucchini bread, and more. The party was a Zero Waste event, with composting bins for all supplies and food scraps. The band Wild Six provided live entertainment while people ate, drank, and danced into the evening.

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