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COSMIC, a globe-spanning constellation of six satellites, was launched successfully aboard a Minotaur rocket from Vandenberg Ar Force Base on Aprl 14. Ground stations have received signals from all six satellites. More about the project and UCAR's role.

Staff Notes Monthly

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 40, #10, November 2005

It's been a busy couple of months in the field for NCAR. Scientists in the Mexico City area gathered vital information about air pollution while, in California, the HIAPER aircraft in its maiden campaign performed flawlessly. More >



Terrorism and climate change
ISSE’s Susi Moser raises some thought-provoking comparisons between terrorism and climate change, and why the two threats are perceived so differently. More >



New program is a star
The organizers of GLOBE at Night, which recruited schoolchildren worldwide to make observations of the night sky in March, say the event was such a success that it will be held again next year. More >


Peter Gilman wins Hale Prize
Veteran solar researcher Peter Gilman (HAO) has won the prestigious 2006 Hale Prize from the American Astronomical Society. More >


At the helm of ESSL
As a new NCAR associate director and the first permanent head of the Earth and Sun Systems Laboratory (ESSL), Guy Brasseur wants to enhance interdisciplinary research while maintaining a focus on traditional science. More >


New Digital Image Library
UCAR Communications is overhauling the Digital Image Library, adding hundreds of new images and making it more user-friendly.
More >


spring fling

CGD’s Craig Hartsough (left) and Jeff Yin lip sync the lines of Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” during Spring Fling 2006. The party took place on May 5 in the Center Green auditorium. As always, the lip sync contest was a hit, with performances by RAL, CGD, and EO. The event also included trivia contests, a sing-along, entertaining hosts, a buffet, and a live band. For more Spring Fling coverage, including photos and video clips.