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April 2006

Roberta Johnson named director of teachers association

Roberta Johnson
Roberta Johnson. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

EO director Roberta Johnson has been named executive director of the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA). She will continue in her present position at UCAR while beginning the voluntary position this month.

NESTA is a nonprofit educational organization that works to advance Earth science education at all grade levels in primary and secondary schools. The organization, which has nearly 1,000 members, provides classroom resources and support for educators, participates in professional meetings, publishes a quarterly journal, and more.

"NESTA represents the national community of teachers on the front lines of K-12 geoscience education who seek to bring the wonder of our science to life for students across the country," Roberta says. "I'm eager to work with the organization's leadership and membership to improve geoscience education, develop new opportunities for professional development, and build community among teachers and the geoscience research community."

Roberta serves on numerous advisory boards for projects in science education, outreach, and diversity, and she has extensive experience advising NASA, NSF, and a variety of professional societies. Since 1996, she has been an active member of the National Science Teachers Association, with which NESTA is formally associated.

In addition to overseeing EO, Roberta is a scientist in HAO.

As executive director of NESTA, Roberta will focus on supporting the needs of members, implementing new programs to provide opportunities for in-service professional development, linking classroom teachers to advances in geoscience research, and planning for the future of K-12 geoscience education.

"Roberta has a refreshingly clear understanding of the needs of the K-12 education community, as well as the ability to work seamlessly with both the scientific community and governmental agencies," says Parker Pennington IV, president-elect of NESTA. "She's great at bringing people together and allowing synergy to happen."

by Nicole Gordon

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