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For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 40, #10, November 2005

With urban areas expanding worldwide, researchers want to better understand their impacts on weather and climate.   More >

Sidebar: Urban heat islands

The atmospheres of cities

Remembering Andrew Crook and Diana Josephson

Remembering Andrew Crook and Diana Josephson
The past few weeks have been a sad time, with the untimely deaths of two well-known staffers.   More >

Let it snow

Let it snow
RAL is taking part in a five-year project to determine whether cloud seeding will bolster mountain snowpacks.   More >


AGU, AMS presidencies

AGU, AMS presidencies
Both UCAR president Rick Anthes and NCAR director Tim Killeen will take on high-profile leadership positions in the broader scientific community over the next year.  More >

Delphi Questions

Delphi Questions
Toilet paper; professional memberships  More >


Rick on bike
staffers on bikes

The bike and pedestrian path linking the Foothills and Center Green campuses officially opened February 23, with UCAR president Rick Anthes leading the way during a ribbon-cutting ceremony (top). He was followed by a number of staffers, including F&A's Michelle Travis on a unicycle and, just behind her, SCD's Wes Wildcat. The half-mile path travels under Foothills Parkway along the railroad tracks to connect the intersection of Mitchell Lane and 47th Street with the north end of Center Green Drive. "We anticipate that travel between Center Green and 47th Street will be much safer and more convenient," says Marion Hammond, facilities project manager.