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December 2005 - January 2006

New CG library

Colleen Nunn

Colleen Nunn. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

The new Center Green library has been a hub of activity lately, as scientists search for articles and visitors survey the library's meeting facilities.

"It's a beautiful library with a great group of users," says Colleen Nunn, the CG librarian. Colleen came to NCAR in October from the Denver Public Library, where she had worked in the Western history and genealogy section.

NCAR opened the library in the fall to accommodate staffers who have moved recently to the CG campus, including researchers in HAO. The library also serves visitors who attend conferences at CG1.

The facility has a collection of solar physics and astronomy materials, in addition to general scientific books and journals. Users also can check e-mail, and they have access to office equipment, such as a color copier and a fax machine. "We view it as a really good center not only for the CG campus, but also for visitors who can use the facilities and equipment," explains Gayl Gray, manager of library services.

The library, which at 4,300 square feet is about the same size as the FL library, includes two small conference rooms that can each seat six people. Users can also meet in a lounge area with comfortable chairs and a couch. "We are trying to offer the maximum number of types of study and collaboration styles within this space," Gayl explains.

With the CG1 facility, NCAR now has a library to serve each of its campuses.

• by David Hosansky

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