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Past Issues 2006

December 06 - January 07

2006 Outstanding Accomplishment Awards
Cosmic update: Scientists enthusiastic about preliminary results
Short Takes
Let it snow, let it snow....
New book explores how to communicate climate change
Delphi Question: Massage therapy, energy consumption, FL1 lawn

Just One Look


NCAR scientists predict a warmer, wetter Earth
The end of the world as we know it?
“A New Light on Science”
Keeping science in the news
Short Takes
Random Profile: Chrystina Tasset
Delphi Question: Webhire formatting issues
Just One Look


Wildfire research at NCAR
Andrew Crook memorial bench unveiled on weather trail
New deputy director for ISSE
NCAR exhibit on permanent display at Twenty Ninth Street
Short Takes
Delphi Question: Fitness center at Center Green
Just One Look


Drifters at work
Competition News: Interview with Rick Anthes
Commuter of the Year: Jaime Shuey
2006 Up-the-Hill Races
UCAR named one of the best companies to work for in Colorado
Random Profile: Kyle Holden
Delphi Questions: Flag display at CG, EAC sponsorship
Just One Look


A new eye on storm formation
NCAR names five new senior scientists
New Delphi coordinator takes over
SOARS and RESESS protégés busy with research
Less load for the landfill: FREEcycle stores; ACD's "green" move
Short Takes
Delphi Question: Public events in the FL0 courtyard
Just One Look


The long wait
New book helps water utility managers grapple with climate change
Katy Schmoll, COMET win awards in May
Climate change meets the arts
Random Profile: Meral Demirtas
UCAR Child Care Center accreditation
Delphi Question: Protecting polyamorous individuals
Just One Look


Notes from the field: Turbulence and pollution
Terrorism and climate change
New program is a star
Peter Gilman wins Hale Prize
At the helm of ESSL
New Digital Image Library
Just One Look


Foothills Lab 0: ACD settles into new digs
Staffers give high marks to new Leave Donation Program
Short Takes: An overview of projects throughout the organization
Random Profile: Gina Starr
Roberta Johnson named director of teachers association
Delphi Questions: FL basketball court, phone solicitations
Just One Look


The atmospheres of cities
     -Sidebar: Urban heat islands
Remembering Andrew Crook and Diana Josephson
Let it snow
AGU, AMS presidencies
Delphi Questions: Toilet paper; professional memberships
Just One Look


Dialing in: staffers save gas, time by working from home
New Scientists I have diverse interests
UCAR takes avian flu precautions
    -Staying Healthy
Random Profile: Will Piper
2006 AMS awards
Delphi Question: Delphi confidentiality
Sunrise project
Just One Look

Dec 2005 - Jan 2006

The 2005 Outstanding Accomplishment Awards
Offsite but not unseen: UCAR's non-Boulder staffers stay in touch
A TWERLE reunion
Predicting hurricane damage
Atmospheric science books for all ages
CGD research shows that permafrost may thaw in this century
New CG library
Just One Look: Santa

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