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Staff Notes Extra - The 2005 Outstanding Accomplishment Award winners

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 40, #10, November 2005

Even though the orbiting instrument is damaged, ACD staffers and their colleagues have figured out how to achieve most of their science objectives. As a result, NASA has agreed to keep funding the HIRDLS mission. More >


Supercomputing plan

Planning a national supercomputing center
NCAR is laying the groundwork to create a computational equivalent of the Hubble telescope that would serve the geosciences community.   More >


RAINEX: Bad weather is good news
NCAR hurricane researchers took advantage of a dazzling natural laboratory this summer, as their much-anticipated field project coincided with three hurricanes.   More >

UCAR Policy

UCAR policy on classified research
The UCAR Board of Trustees is drafting a formal policy to affirm that the organization does not engage directly in classified research.   More >

Meg McClellan

Random Profile: Meg McClellan
On the road to scientific knowledge, it helps to have a good lawyer navigating the legal potholes.   More >


COMET project wins recognition
Rip Currents: Nearshore Fundamentals gains honorable mention in a Science magazine/National Science Foundation contest.   More >

Delphi Questions

Delphi Questions
HR policies, office temperatures, driving through a stop sign.    More>


Super Science Saturday

Always appealing, the annual Super Science Saturday event at the Mesa Lab was especially attractive this year. It explored the scientific principles of cohesion, giving children an opportunity to engage in such exercises as lifting fish with magnets and adhering to a Velcro wall. NCAR scientists performed live demonstrations using magnets, electricity, and the forces of cohesion and gravity. The free public event, held on October 29, also featured robotics and electronics workshops, a slide show on space weather, a planetary orbit game, a 24/7 Weather Experience exhibit, and Halloween-themed fun. "We had a great time," says EO's Linda Carbone, who organized it with EO's Laura Einig. Sponsored this year by EO, Friends of UCAR, and KMGH-TV 7NEWS, Super Science Saturday is designed to promote public science literacy and enrich the science experiences of local students and teachers.