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November 2005

COMET project wins recognition

A Web development team from COMET has won an honorable mention in a contest sponsored by Science magazine and the National Science Foundation. The team’s entry, Rip Currents: Nearshore Fundamentals, is an online, animated guide to the science of rip currents. (For more about the module, see the March 2005 issue of Staff Notes Monthly.)

COMET competed in the noninteractive multimedia category of the Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. The contest celebrates the tradition of illustrating science with images, drawings, and animated presentations.

COMET developers

The winning COMET team (clockwise from bottom left): Steve Deyo (graphic animator), Kevin Fuell (meteorologist and project lead), Seth Lamos (audio technician), and Dan Riter (Web developer).
Not pictured: Katherine Olson, the instructional designer. (Photo by Carlye Calvin, UCAR.)

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COMET project wins recognition

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