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June 2005

Delphi Coordinators Teresa Rivas (left) and Nancy Wade.

Questions and suggestions from the staff to management may be submitted in confidence to the Delphi Coordinators (Teresa Rivas, left, and Nancy Wade). They should be submitted in written form, preferably via interoffice mail in a sealed envelope marked confidential. They must be signed. Detailed procedures for submitting questions are given in the UCAR Policies and Procedures Manual, section 4-1-2, and on the Delphi Web site. Staff Notes Monthly publishes questions and answers of general interest to staff, and the Delphi Web site has a log of all questions submitted since 1995.

FL0 construction issues

The following question contains multiple parts.


The construction of FL0 is having an impact on parking. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Delphi Question #535 (received April 15): I was dismayed to see four more parking spots lost to "improvements" in the front parking lot of Foothills Lab. With the construction of FL0, we have now lost a significant number of parking spots while increasing the workforce capacity on the FL campus. I agree with the goal of increasing alternative transportation, but what steps are being taken other than the disincentive of removing parking spots?

Response: Parking lot renovations are required by the City of Boulder. The islands, which are part of the improvements, are designed to reduce the heat problems common in parking lots. In addition, parts of the parking lot are being reconfigured and re-striped to provide more spaces. Although parking is difficult during the construction of FL0, there will be more space available once the building is completed and the contractor’s equipment and personnel vehicles are gone.

Question continued: Will there now be more bike racks in front of FL2?

Response: We are looking into the acquisition and placement of more bike racks.

Question continued: Will the NCAR shuttle add routes that pass through central and north Boulder?

Response: Due to budget and time constraints, we are unable to expand the shuttle system at this time to include the downtown Boulder RTD station or north Boulder. The NCAR shuttle currently serves central Boulder at Crossroads Mall (soon to be 29th Street) during peak hours. We plan to continue serving the new 29th Street Mall so that riders can transfer fairly easily to and from the surrounding bus routes, including the Longmont Bolt, 205, 206, and HOP routes.

In the long term, the 30th and Pearl transit center, now in the planning stages, will serve as the new shuttle stop. This will allow for easier transfers from buses and, eventually, commuter rail. With improved bus service to the new transit center, commuters transferring to the NCAR shuttles will have even more options. For assistance with RTD/shuttle connections or any other shuttle issue, please contact Jean Hancock at ext. 8504, or hancock@ucar.edu.

Question continued: Will UCAR start rewarding employees who voluntarily give up the few remaining parking spots?

Response: UCAR will continue to urge all employees to use alternative transportation and to provide RTD passes at no cost. As in the past, there are no provisions for rewarding employees who use alternative transportation.

Question continued: Will UCAR prohibit motorcycles from taking designated automobile spots?
Response: We will work with motorcyclists to ensure efficient use of parking spaces. When security becomes aware of parking lot issues, whether involving cars or motorcycles, it works with all employees to find appropriate solutions. Since we do not have staff to patrol all parking lots all the time, employees are urged to contact security at ext. 1139 when they observe problems.

Question continued: Will UCAR cut down more trees and pave over prairie dog fields to the north and east?

Response: The prairie dog fields to the north and east are not on our property. This space belongs to Boulder Open Space. It has recently been determined that three to four cottonwood trees northwest of FL1 will need to be cut down because they obstruct the view of a lidar currently being used by EOL for a project that is measuring pollution emissions over Foothills Parkway. After these trees are cut down, shorter mature trees will be planted in their place. Any other treed areas on our property must remain in order to comply with code regulations.

Answers provided by Steve Sadler, Safety and Site Services director; John Pereira, Maintenance and Engineering director; Marion Hammond, Facilities Project manager; and Jean Hancock, Shuttle Services supervisor.

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