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Staff Notes Monthly

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 39, #11, Dec 2004 - Jan 2005

The 2004 Outstanding Accomplishment Awards

A total of 12 nominations, consisting of a record 69 individuals, were nominated for this year’s Outstanding Accomplishment Awards. The nominations “represent a tremendous dedication by our excellent staff to the goals and missions of our institution,” said UCAR President Rick Anthes.  More >


Hurricanes and climate change

Prospecting for ice
By guiding a NASA plane into clouds that harbor cold water drops, RAL researchers hope to improve icing forecasts for the aviation industry.  More >

Paul Swarztrauber

Recollections from a pioneering woman scientist
The day that lightening hit Peggy LeMone’s house, it sparked not only the roof but also the 8-year-old’s interest in weather.  More >

Super Science Saturday

IMAGe comes into focus
Doug Nychka, organizer of the statistics program at NCAR, has been named the first director of the new Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences  More >

MySCD Portal

Native American visitors
A group of Native American students from the Haskell Indian Nations University in Kansas visited the Mesa Lab on November 18, sharing perspectives on environmental topics and learning about recent developments in atmospheric science.  More >

Mari Bradley

Turning off the juice
A trio of staffers is urging their colleagues to turn off lights and take other steps to save energy in the workplace.  More >


Delphi questions
International travel, overhead tax, Cigna ID cards   More >

Happy Holidays
The annual Children’s Holiday Party. More >

Eminent meteorologist Joanne Simpson has become the first woman on the Mesa Lab’s Atmospheric Sciences Honor Wall. At a November 29 ceremony, UCAR president Rick Anthes (left) and MMM senior scientist Peggy LeMone hang a portrait of Joanne next to the portraits of five influential men simpsonin the atmospheric sciences (Lloyd Berkner, John Von Neumann, Philip Thompson, Alan Waterman, and Carl-Gustaf Rossby). “I am absolutely overwhelmed and delighted,” said Joanne, who joined the November 29 ceremony by speaker phone from her house in Maryland. An inspiration to female ­scientists, Joanne in 1949 became the first U.S. woman to earn a Ph.D. in meteorology. She went on to make her mark in research areas ranging from tropical storms and air-sea interactions to weather modification and cloud modeling, spending much of her career with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Although she faced obstacles at first as a woman in a male-dominated field, she said, “You have to have self-confidence. You have to look at the thing and say, ‘I can do it.’ ” A number of veteran scientists who have worked with Joanne congratulated her at the ML ceremony, including former NCAR director Bob Serafin and Joach Kuettner of JOSS, who met Joanne at a conference more than 50 years ago. Standing at the honor wall by the Damon Room, Peggy told Joanne, “You will be here virtually, and you can serve as an inspiration to the women and the men here at NCAR who pass by here.”.

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