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December 2004 - January 2005

Native American visitors

A group of Native American students from the Haskell Indian Nations University in Kansas visited the Mesa Lab on November 18, sharing perspectives on environmental topics and learning about recent developments in atmospheric science.

The Institute for the Study of Society and Environment teamed up with Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science to sponsor the evening reception. The event was part of a continuing effort by ISSE and SOARS, as well as by UCAR in general, to reach out to underrepresented populations. Highlights included a presentation by NCAR director Tim Killeen on research developments in atmospheric science, as well as a tour of the SCD visualization lab.

“I’m here primarily because I’m interested in the integration of indigenous wisdom into the sciences,” Anthony Fernandes, a junior at Haskell, said during the reception. “This wisdom is often overlooked by the scientific world until it’s proven, but you don’t need scientific verification for it to be valid.”

Anthony Fernades (left) and Raj Pandya.

He added that indigenous peoples, with generations of weather observations and other insights into the natural world, can enrich scientific understanding.

SOARS staffers Jocelyn White, Rebecca Estrada-Anderson, and Beverly Johnson organized the event, and several NCAR and UCAR scientists mingled with the students and fielded their questions. “From my conversations with the students, they left feeling welcomed by and intrigued about NCAR, its science, and the possibility of convergences between indigenous knowledge and Western science,” said SOARS director Raj Pandya.

•David Hosansky

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