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For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 39, #5, June 2004

If you were out trick-or-treating in the Boulder-Denver area the last two years, you probably remember the weather: both Halloweens featured a nasty mixture of freezing drizzle and light snow. Those two storms cost United Airlines a total of $2.85 million in damage to 18 jet engines at Denver International Airport (DIA).  More >

Freezing drizzle

Hurricanes and climate change

Hurricanes and climate change: Is there a connection?
The exceptional season in the Caribbean and U.S. Southeast has ignited debate about the connection between hurricanes and global warming. CGD's Kevin Trenberth thinks global warming is creating conditions for hurricanes to be more severe, but the U.S. Weather Research Program's Bob Gall is less certain.   More >

Paul Swarztrauber

Paul Swarztrauber looks back on 41 years at NCAR
Paul had trouble finding NCAR when he had a scheduled job interview in 1962. As fate would have it, he aced the interview and worked here for the next 41 years.  More >

Old Jake

Farewell to a well-loved tree
It's time to bid good-bye to a stately ponderosa pine on the mesa that had been a living symbol of NCAR's sensitivity to the environment. The tree even had a name: Old Jake.  More >

Digital Image Library

Digital Image Library now easily accessible
If one picture is worth a thousand words, then the new Digital Image Library (DIL) contains a wealth of information about the atmosphere, the scientists who study it, and the tools they use. It also has some very pretty pictures.  More >


Delphi questions
CG fire safety, CG MERT    More >


FL0 groundbreaking ceremonyOne of the most highly educated hard-hat crews in history gathered on October 12 to break ground for FL0, the new building on the Foothills campus. This four-story building will be located on the north side of FL buildings 2 and 3. It will house ACD, providing state-of-the-art labs as well as plenty of office and other necessary space. From left to right, the shovelers are Jarvis Moyers (NSF), UCAR trustee Kelvin Drogemeier (University of Oklahoma), Cliff Jacobs (NSF), Tim Killeen (director of NCAR), Rick Anthes (UCAR president), and Danny McKenna (director of ACD).


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