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September 2004

Warren Washington receives Vollum Award

Warren Washington.

CGD’s Warren Washington has received Reed College’s prestigious Vollum Award for Distinguished Accomplishment in Science and Technology.

“I’m very honored,” says Warren.

Warren is a pioneer in computer climate modeling. For more than 20 years, his group in CGD has used coupled climate models to estimate the effects of increasing greenhouse gases and other climate forcing.

In addition to developing the models, Warren has participated in major international efforts to assess the role of greenhouse gases in climate change. He is serving a second term on the National Science Board, which he currently chairs. He was a scientific advisor to the administrations of former presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. In 2002, the National Academy of Engineering elected Warren to its membership in honor of his modeling work.

Warren is a native of Portland, Oregon, which is where Reed College is located, and he maintains ties to the area.

“You have to think about the world you leave your children,” Warren said in a 2003 article in The Portland Oregonian. “Climate change is an intergenerational problem — it’s not just going to be dealt with in one presidential or congressional term. We all have to look a lot further out — we all have a shared responsibility to find ways to deal with it.”

Winners of the Vollum Award are selected for perseverance, fresh approaches to problems and solutions, and creative imagination. Previous winners include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Linus Pauling. The award was created in 1975 as a tribute to the late C. Howard Vollum, a 1936 Reed graduate.

• David Hosansky

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