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September 2004

A computing ambassador

Jeff Kuehn. (Photo by Lynda Lester.)

Over the next two years, Jeff Kuehn, a software engineer in SCD’s Consulting Services, is functioning as an NCAR ambassador to the scientific and computational community in two important roles. He is co-chairing the Technical Papers Committee for SC 2004, then co-chairing the entire Technical Program for SC 2005.

The SC (or Supercomputing) conference, held annually, is the premier international conference in high-performance computing, networking, and storage. It offers vendors, universities, government labs, and businesses a forum to showcase their latest breakthroughs in computational science, research and development, software, and technologies.

Jeff’s participation as a key organizer for the SC conference provides high visibility for NCAR. “I am extremely honored to be NCAR’s ambassador to the high-performance computing community,” he says.

This year Jeff is working with co-chair Jack Dongarra, a professor at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, to construct and organize the technical papers segment of SC 2004, which will be held in Pittsburgh in November. As co-chairs, Jeff and Jack are coordinating a 65-member program committee and 244 external reviewers from around the globe to select the best 60 papers out of several hundred submissions.

Next year, Jeff will step up to become Technical Program co-chair of SC 2005 in Seattle, sharing the post with Wes Kaplow, chief technical officer of Quest Federal Systems. They will be responsible for coordinating and integrating all aspects of the conference program, including technical papers, tutorials, panels, posters, invited speakers, and more.

Jeff got involved with the conference a few years ago. “I had worked with several of the key people on the conference committee before, and when someone needed help, my name was suggested,” he explains. “After helping with one conference, SC 2001, I was on the hook as reliable.”

• Lynda Lester


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For more information on the SC conference: www.sc-conference.org/sc2004

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