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For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 39, #5, June 2004

UOP’s COSMIC office is preparing to send six satellites into orbit that may lead to major breakthroughs in our understanding of climate and the atmosphere. The satellites will use radio occultation to retrieve data from parts of the atmosphere that scientists normally don’t access. More> John Orlando

Olga Wilhelmi

Up-the-Hill Races
The running, bicycling, and relay races on August 20 drew an unusually high number of participants. “After 25 years, this is still an extremely popular event,” says Mark Mulholland of the EAC. More>

Betty Valent

Hiking up, diving down
Among the many staffers who love the outdoors are SCD’s Dave Kennison, who’s climbed Longs Peak 75 times, and ESIG’s Djan Stewart, a passionate skydiver who has made thousands of jumps. More>

Melanie Zauscher

Clues in an ancient lakebed
CGD’s Carrie Morrill has found signs of an abrupt climate shift more than 4,000 years ago. Her research may yield insights into future climate change. More>

child care

Random Profile: Inger Gallo
Inger’s relationship with NCAR started in junior high school, when her class made a field trip to the Mesa Lab. “I knew I wanted to work here,” she says. More>

A computing ambassador
Over the next two years, SCD’s Jeff Kuehn is functioning as an NCAR ambassador to the scientific and computational community in two important role. More>

Warren Washington wins Vollum Award
The CGD scientist has received Reed College’s prestigious Vollum Award for Distinguished Accomplishment in Science and Technology. More>


Short Takes
Emissions from Russian fires, climate change in North America, and other highlights of research throughout the organization. More>


When the Postal Service several years ago began plans to issue a series of cloud stamps, its designers asked UCAR photographer Carlye Calvin of Communications (right) whether she had favorite photos of lenticular clouds. The result will be a new first-class stamp (top, left), available in October. “I’ve always loved this picture,” says Carlye, who took it from Barker Reservoir in Nederland. The Boulder Postmaster is planning to unveil the entire set of cloudscapes (top, right) at an October 17 public event in the Mesa Lab. “It’s quite an honor,” says Carlye, adding, “I know what stamp I’ll use for my holiday cards.”


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