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July-August 2004

New Leaders

This year’s Leadership Academy produced 23 graduates. The intensive six-month program’s mission is to increase the organization’s capacity for excellence through training its current and future leaders. The next Leadership Academy will begin in January.

Leadership Academy

The graduates (in diagonal columns, left to right and bottom to top): Nancy Norton (CGD), Laura Curtis (Corporate Affairs), Mike Schmidt (Unidata), Laura Pan (ACD); second column: Wendy Abshire (COMET), Olga Wilhelmi (ESIG), Pat Waukau (MMM), Jordan Powers (MMM), Stan Solomon (HAO, did not participate in all events); third column: Loretta Quinn (JOSS), Mike Daniels (ATD), Jeff Custard (SCD), Rajul Pandya (EO), Ned Chamberlain (ATD); fourth column: Mary Haley (SCD), Barbara Brown (RAP), Cindy Mueller (RAP), Justin Young (F&A), Kim Streander (HAO); fifth column: Barb Hansford (ASP), Teresa Rivas (ACD), Jim Hurrell (CGD); sixth column: Roberta Johnson (EO), Paula Robinson (GLOBE).

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