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July-August 2004

Child’s Play

Renovations are moving ahead on the building soon to house the new UCAR Child Care Center at 3050 34th Street, near the Center Green campus. The center, operated by Childrens’ Creative Learning Centers, will open its doors on August 30. There will be an open house on August 25, followed by lunch with kids and an evening informational meeting the following day. Staffers interested in enrolling their children can get information about the center on the web, or they can contact the director, Mia Strugar-Fritch, at ext. 8539.

Child Care

Pictured at the center are (left to right) Mia; Rob Gocke, contracts manager; Katy Schmoll, UCAR vice president for finance and administration, Rick Anthes, UCAR president; Fran Durekas, founder and chief operating officer of Childrens’ Creative Learning Centers, Bob Roesch, director of Human Resources; John Pereira, director of Physical Plant Services; and Ric Ruedin, project manager of Golden Triangle Construction, which is handling the renovations.

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