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For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 39, #5, June 2004

NCAR has added six senior scientists and hired six new Scientists I, or junior scientists, as it continues to strengthen its research ranks. More> John Orlando

Olga Wilhelmi

Coping with heat
Although the recent Hollywood hit, The Day After Tomorrow, features Ice Age weather descending on New York City, a less dramatic but more realistic scenario is on the other end of the spectrum: heat waves. More>

Betty Valent

Over the hill and picking up speed
It’s summer, it’s Boulder, and any number of staffers are spending their free time enjoying the outdoors. Here are profiles of Jack Fellows, who surfs at every opportunity, and Betty Valent, one of our top runners. More>

Melanie Zauscher

No day at the beach: SOARS protégés tackle research projects
So much for students spending hot summer days on the beach. As usual, this year’s SOARS protégés have their hands full with datasets, radars, fieldwork, travel, and much more. More>

child care

Child's play
Renovations are moving ahead on the building soon to house the new UCAR Child Care Center at 3050 34th Street, near the Center Green campus. More>

New Leaders
This year’s Leadership Academy produced 23 graduates. The intensive six-month program’s mission is to increase the organization’s capacity for excellence through training its current and future leaders.. More>

Delphi Questions
Property management, frequent-flyer miles More>

Jeffco hanger

Workers are making steady headway on the new aircraft hangar at the Research Aviation Facility at Jeffco. The 35,000-square-foot hangar will have room for two NSF/NCAR research aircraft: the C-130 and the new High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research (HIAPER), which is scheduled to arrive in the fall. In contrast, the current 19,000-square-foot hangar can barely house a single aircraft. “This new facility will be an enormous asset as it will enable us to support an expanded fleet of research aircraft,” says RAF’s Gerry Albright, who oversees aircraft operations and security. The new hangar, made of steel beams and mostly steel siding, is located northeast of the existing hangar. Construction is scheduled to wrap up in September.

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