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May 2004

Mentoring Latina students

Two Centaurus High School students, Dayan Garcia-Zea (sitting at left) and Keisha Jiron, learn about NCAR from Yvonne Mondragon (standing at left) and Nita Razo in the Communications office.


The students came here on April 15 for the Latinas Building Bridges in Education conference. Some 79 Latina middle and high school students signed up for the annual event, where they were paired with mentors who gave them insights into the working world. The conference, sponsored by the Boulder County Latina Women’s League, seeks to encourage students to set their sights on college.

“It’s an important opportunity to show the girls what they can accomplish,” says SCD’s Dorothy Bustamante, who helped organize the conference with ACD’s Teresa Rivas. The two women are co-presidents of the Boulder County Latina Women’s League.

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