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April 2004

Bike path nears approval

Tired of trudging along the railroad tracks to get from the Foothills Lab to Center Green? You may soon have a better option.

UCAR is planning to break ground late this month on a quarter-mile
paved bicycle/pedestrian path linking the two complexes. If all goes as planned, the path will be open for users in early summer.

“Certainly people are using the tracks already, but this will make that trek much more pleasant to both pedestrians and cyclists,” says a delighted Karl Hanzel (COMET), a member of the Transportation Alternatives Committee. “And perhaps it will be more inviting to folks who might otherwise not quite be willing to walk the tracks for fear of having to jump into the creek when a freight train is barreling down upon them.”

To build the path, UCAR has gotten verbal approval from several entities, including Burlington Northern Railroad, the Colorado Department of Transportation, the city of Boulder, and two companies that own irrigation ditches that line the tracks. The organization still needs to get written approval to begin construction.

The path will go behind CG1 and CG3 (see map). It will briefly parallel the railroad tracks when going through the underpass beneath Foothills Parkway, and then continue to Mitchell Lane.

The new bicycle/pedestrian path will go behind CG1 and CG3.

The construction comes with a bonus for the organization: the opportunity to install fiber optic cable between CG and FL, thereby linking the CG campus to the rest of the UCAR fiber Metropolitan Area Network. This fiber path supplements Boulder Research and Administration Network fiber, UCAR campus fiber, and other leased fiber to provide redundancy and resiliency for the CG campus.•David Hosansky

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