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March 2004

Kaye Howe wins YWCA award

Ever since arriving in Boulder 36 years ago, Kaye Howe has devoted her energies to scores of community activities. This month, the National Science Digital Library deputy director won a coveted recognition for her efforts: the YWCA of Boulder County Woman of the Year award.

“I just like to be involved in the community,” Kaye says. “Every community has lots of needs, whether it’s in the arts or education or social issues or children’s issues or something else. After you’ve been in the community for a while, you see the needs and have the opportunity to help.”

Kaye Howe

Kaye received the honor at the YWCA Hall of Fame Awards Night
on March 6, which was held at the University Memorial Center at CU. She and other winners were lauded for making significant contributions to the advancement of women and children.

Kaye is president of the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County, which helps children achieve the goal of a college education. She also heads the Planning Committee of the Boulder Community Hospital Board. One of Kaye’s favorite activities is mentoring a 14-year-old girl.

“She’s just turning into a wonderful human being despite the fact that she’s had to deal with a lot of things in her 14 years that most of us never have to deal with,” she says.

An outgoing woman with a wide range of interests, Kaye came to Boulder in 1968 as a comparative literature professor at CU. She later served as the university’s vice chancellor for academic services. In the 1980s, she emerged as a leader in the local arts community, serving as co-chair of the Boulder Cultural Center Planning Committee, chair of the Boulder Arts Commission, and board member of the Boulder Center for the Visual Arts.

She also won widespread praise for her work at CU, both for improving the lives of students and for handling controversies that ranged from student protests over South Africa to the installation of condom machines on campus. An editorial in the Daily Camera lauded her for possessing “balance, diplomacy, compassion, patience, candor, a cheerful sense of humor, and a well-oiled sense of the ridiculous.”

After a stint as president of Western State College in Gunnison, Kaye returned to Boulder in 2001, joined UCAR, and immediately resumed her volunteer work. “I’m glad I’ve been able to contribute to this community,” she says. “It’s very nice to get this award. I feel honored.” •David Hosansky

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