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March 2004

Delphi Question: Foothills Lab crosswalk

Delphi Question #513 (received January 23): This is a question for Safety and Site Services. Would you consider putting a crosswalk between the north door of FL4 and the mailboxes directly across the street? Lots of people frequently cross the street here en route from FL4 to the other Foothills buildings. At certain times of day, there can be a fair amount of car traffic on the road that often slows down anyway for pedestrians at this crossing point. Also, as you probably know, big nasty ice slicks form on this stretch of the road, making it easy for someone to slip or a car to lose control. I think it would be safer and more convenient to have a crosswalk.

Response (January 27): Thank you for your question. It is an issue and a concern that UCAR Safety and Site Services has discussed for many years with the city of Boulder. The ultimate authority and responsibility for the roadway lies solely with the city of Boulder. UCAR does not own the roadway. We are prohibited from unilaterally making any changes such as adding a crosswalk to the public roadway in front of FL4. According to the city of Boulder, it has conducted numerous studies of this roadway. In each study the city reported that the safety issues (pedestrian and traffic patterns and volumes) were insufficient to warrant any physical changes.

The city has advised UCAR that we can make changes only on our own property. A few years ago we made significant safety changes to the intersection of Mitchell Lane and the entrance to the Foothills Lab campus. This intersection is now a four-way stop. We also added crosswalks and the intersection is well maintained by UCAR. Employees should consider using this intersection to navigate across Mitchell Lane. This would require only a slight change in walking patterns with very little increase in travel time or distance. And crossing at this location would be much safer than crossing immediately in front of FL4.
Safety and Site Services will continue to work with and encourage the city of Boulder to make changes in front of FL4. We will keep staff apprised of any developments or changes.

—Steve Sadler, director
Safety and Site Services

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