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Vol. 38 #9 October 2003

It's a go:

NCAR reorganization plan gets green light

The UCAR Board of Trustees has approved NCAR's reorganization plan, which will help the center place a greater focus on broad, interdisciplinary initiatives and make it easier to carry out research with its partners in the university community.

"The reorganization will allow us to respond to the changing world of atmospheric sciences in a way that will best serve the community and the nation," explains NCAR director Tim Killeen. "These changes will better align NCAR's structure with our strategic priorities, help facilitiate multidisciplinary research, and nurture complementary activities across NCAR divisions and with our university partners." More>


The importance of early warnings

How should government officials and other experts alert the public when a crisis is looming? More>

Kaye Howe wins YWCA award

Ever since arriving in Boulder, Kaye Howe has devoted her energies to scores of community activities. More>

COMET staffer writes science fantasy

COMET's Liz Lessard, who published her first book last year, continues to indulge her passion for writing science fiction and fantasy. More>

Scientific American recognizes NCAR scientists

Scientific American magazine has placed two RAP scientists, Larry Cornman and Bob Sharman, on its 2003 Scientific American 50 list. More>

Delphi Question: Foothills Lab crosswalk

Should there be a crosswalk between the north door of FL4 and the mailboxes directly across the street? More>

One year ago

This visible satellite image of Colorado was taken last March 22, a couple of days after the big storm that dropped as much as six feet of snow in some places. More>

Just one look

Ben Foster (HAO) pulled off Foothills Parkway on the morning of February 9 to capture these classic shots of Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds. The wavelike formations are produced when wind increases strongly just above the clouds, creating eddies along the boundaries.


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