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February 2004

Honoring veteran staffers

MMM’s Charlie Knight, NCAR’s most senior staffer, receives a barometer at a reception honoring long-time staffers. Charlie (in the center, flanked by MMM assistant director Rich Rotunno, left, and UCAR president Rick Anthes), was hired on April 10, 1962, just a few months before his wife, Nancy. “It was lucky for us — Nancy and me — to come to NCAR so early in its history,” Charlie says. “It has been interesting watching NCAR evolve, and the work is still challenging even after four decades.

A total of 44 veteran staffers attended the Jan. 8 reception at Center Green. The annual event normally recognizes 15–year and 25–year employees, but for the first time staffers who have worked here for 35 years or longer also were honored. “As NCAR becomes a more established organization, we have staffers with more seniority,” explains F&A’s Betty Valent, who helped organize the reception. In time, she says, the event may include a separate category for 45-year employees.

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