UCAR Communications
staff notes monthly
Vol. 38 #9 October 2003

WRF tags Isabel

WRF radar

The most powerful weather model of its kind met the most powerful Atlantic storm of the young century last month—with memorable results. More>

An online overhaul

Markus StobbsAn interdisciplinary team of staffers from across the organization is forging ahead with an eye-catching Web redesign. More>

A new hat for Bob Gall

Bob GallThe veteran MMM director is moving on, but he won’t be leaving Foothills Lab. More>

Shuttle service provides transportation—and conversation

Peter FriendAsk ACD’s Chris Halvorson what he likes best about taking the shuttle to and from work, and the veteran rider jokes, “It’ll all those detours we take to the Walnut Brewery.” More>

An overview of projects throughout the organization More>

Unidata wins funding for new forecasting tools

UCAR and seven other institutions have won a prestigious NSF grant to create a series of powerful tools for weather forecasters and the public. More>

Delphi Questions

First aid rooms, pay stubs More>



Just one look

Sunflowers bloomed in abundance on the mesa at the end of summer. Staff Notes Monthly photographer Carlye Calvin captured a cluster of them last month.

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