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September 2003

UCAR quilters stitch for babies

It was back when four UCAR staffers bumped into each other unexpectedly in a quilting store in Longmont in 1998 that the idea first arose:

Why not start a UCAR quilters group?

Several years and a few false starts later, the group has, well, stitched itself together. On the first Thursday of every month, about a half-dozen staffers from various divisions gather in a conference room after work to cut fabric, pin-baste, and engage in other quilting tasks. They call themselves the Fair Weather Quilters and say it’s a wonderful way to meet other staffers.

“People can have very little in common, but if they quilt it becomes a strong social connection,” explains Ingrid Moore of the UOP director’s office. “You learn things about yourself when you quilt with a group, like whether you’re a true perfectionist or you accept flaws to get the project done.”

UCAR quilters show their creations. From left to right: Jean Hurst, Susan Baltuch, Gina Taberski, Cathy Kessinger, Terry Murray, Ingrid Moore, and Leslie Forehand.

In addition to the social interactions, the group has set a higher purpose for itself: helping babies in need. The quilters’ goal is to donate baby quilts every year. On 7 March, they made their first donation, meeting with the volunteer director at the Denver Health Medical Center to contribute 10 quilts. The 10th one went to a three-pound girl who was about to be discharged from the neonatal unit and did not have a blanket to take home.

“It was really special,” recalls Leslie Forehand of the NCAR Library.

The group’s major project at the moment is to create a full-size quilt for a silent auction at this fall’s UCAR crafts fair. The quilters will use the proceeds to buy fabric for more baby quilts, which they hope to finish and donate next spring.

This may sound like a lot of work, but the members say they enjoy it. They’re learning about different quilting techniques and patterns, and they stay in touch throughout the month by sewing blocks of fabric in their free time and passing them on to other group members who stitch them together.

“We’re all addicted to quilting,” explains Terry Murray of the NCAR Library, “but we don’t need the quilts.”

The group currently consists of seven members who have varying quilting experience. In addition to Ingrid, Leslie, and Terry, it includes Susan Baltuch (Visiting Scientists Program), Jean Hurst (Atmospheric Technology Division), Cathy Kessinger (Research Applications Program), and Gina Taberski (Finance & Administration), Not everybody can make it to the meetings, but they all lend a hand with the quilts through sewing and other tasks.

Staffers who would like to learn more about the group and possibly participate in it can contact Ingrid (imoore@ucar.edu) or Leslie (forehand@ucar.edu). •David Hosansky



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