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UCAR wins a coveted contract to manage the international science education program. More>

Ann-Elizabeth's iggies

Ann-Elizabeth Nash, who is stepping down from her position this summer as administrator in the Joint Office of Science Support, spends her free time caring for dozens of iguanas in her sometimes cramped house. More>

A SOARS summer

UCAR’s nationally recognized Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS) program has enrolled a record 28 protégés this year. More>

One hail of a storm

Residents of Aurora, Neb., donned motorcycle helmets during a June storm that hammered the town with softball-sized hailstones. The task for NCAR researchers: did the stones set any records? More>

Fire Season

The Doppler on Wheels, shown here by a Colorado wildfire last year, may be deployed this summer to peer into fire plumes. More>

Tackling the MS150

Team UCAR/NCAR rides for the fifth consecutive year. More>

Delphi Question: Prairie dog display

Prairie dog display More>


A roundup of projects across the institution. More>

Just one look

Hikers enjoy one of the trails behind the Mesa Lab. The trails were closed on 16 July because of increased bear activity, but reopened two days later. UCAR Safety and Site Services urged people who like to hike during early morning or evening hours to exercise caution, since bears seem most likely during those times to expand their range from more heavily wooded areas to the comparatively open mesa. Staffers who see bears should notify UCAR Security at ext. 1139.

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