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After an international search, NCAR has named Larry Winter, an applied mathematician at Los Alamos National Laboratory, as its new deputy director. Larry will help oversee both research and administrative initiatives in his new post. more >

Archives launching instrument collection

In these days of orbiting satellites and lidar sensors, it’s hard to remember that atmospheric science used to rely on such basic techniques as sampling atmospheric conditions with wire thermometers borne by rubber balloons. more

Vin Lally wins prestigious ballooning award

NCAR retiree Vin Lally, a pioneer in the application and development of superpressure balloons for worldwide atmospheric measurements, has won a lifetime achievement award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.more

A smooth ride to Juneau:
RAP maps wind shear and turbulence at isolated airport

That ubiquitous air travel safety announcement about fastening seatbelts and placing seats in their upright positions has a special meaning when it comes to flying into Juneau International Airport. more

Short takes

Arctic temperatures in recent years have warmed dramatically, accompanied by thinner sea ice in the summer, thawed permafrost, decreased atmospheric sea level pressure, and warmer waters flowing into the Arctic Ocean from the Atlantic. more

A special evening with an intimate of the atmosphere

A warm and appreciative audience that spilled into the aisles caught the spirit of joy and adventure when Joach Kuettner gave this year’s Walter Orr Roberts Distinguished Lecture at the Boulder Public Library auditorium on 19 February. more

Delphi Question: PTO, health benefits, and diversity training

Delphi Question #496 (received 5 November): Regarding leave plans, what percentage of employees chose the PTO option, and what percentage chose the Traditional option? more


Just one look

The closest thing in meteorology to a rock tour stopped in Boulder on 20 February. Bryan Yeaton, host of the nationally syndicated radio series “The Weather Notebook,” gave talks at the Foothills Lab and the Boulder Public Library as part of a month-long national circuit. Yeaton’s series is sponsored by NSF and Subaru, and the auto company provided wheels for the road trip in the form of the Subaru WeatherMobile—a van equipped with weather sensors from Davis Instruments.

Yeaton is based at New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory, where he serves as educational outreach coordinator. In his UCAR seminar and his all-ages library talk, Yeaton offered a glimpse into life amid what he and his colleagues affectionately call “the world’s worst weather.” While at the library, Yeaton also showed some young weather fans a few tricks, including how to make a tornado using two pop bottles. (Photos by Carlye Calvin.)


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